Tawnya & Sheldon Walsh - Owners, Rustic Soap Co.

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It all started with a boy. {Sigh} But it’s not what you’s not that kind of story…

Our son suffered from eczema at a young age. Long before Google & Siri were around to help solve all my problems, I did some old-fashioned research and trial & error “solutions”. The journey took us on a road to healthier living & eating…and made us aware that what we put ON our bodies is absorbed INTO our bodies. Ever had a Eureka! moment? Cool. Me too. Enter Rustic Soap Co.

The products are so well made and smell divine! So glad my husband discovered Rustic Soap Co. The owner is so lovely.
— Jodi L.

Imagine using products that are healthy and nourishing to your skin…combatting eczema or acne without chemicals. It IS possible & we’ve been a part of many success stories over the years. Our son being one of them. Relying on exotic oils & butters, essential oils, clays, herbs & grains - rather than chemicals - sign me up! What started with handmade bar soap & bath salts, has expanded to a full body care line of lotions & creams, lip balms, body butters, salves and balms, bath oils & bath bombs, a “Bambino” baby line, as well as room sprays, essential oil blends and soy wax candles!

I won’t lie, there have been entertaining failed attempts along the way, but- like any true artist or chemist - those didn’t stop me! Using the knowledge gained from my love of research, as well as a Chartered Herbalist program (2002) and an Aromatherapy course (2005), creating herbal infusions and testing the properties & benefits of essential oils have fuelled the fire to keep learning & growing and expanding our product line.

We keep our packaging simple: rustic | reusable | recyclable, our ingredients locally | sustainably sourced…and we support amazing local & global charities.

Cutest little shop, amazing products, and always filled with lots of love! My go-to stop for gifts and my own soap that I use everyday.
— Haylie M.


the rustic soap shack

visit us @42537 South Sumas Road, Chilliwack, BC

open Thursday - Saturdays 11-4 (check calendar for closures)

From meager beginnings of craft sales & home shows…to online sales, large wholesale gift shows and, this one time, an Emmy Gifting Room in Hollywood…to opening our countryside soap shack in 2006…we’ve come a long way in 20 years, and have enjoyed every step of the process!

Located in the beautiful mountainside town of Chilliwack on the west coast of BC, Canada, our Soap Shack has welcomed visitors from all over the world. If you’re in the area, stop in & say hi!

The eczema hemp stick helps everyone in the family. My husband used to get it bad on the back of his legs he used a steroid cream. Now he just uses the stick as soon as it starts to show and no more eczema!
— Samantha R.

Interviews & More

MEET THE MAKER | Meet Tawnya, the founder of Rustic Soap Company. Tawnya started making soap after coming up with homemade remedies for her son's eczema. Through all of her research, she became inspired to take healthier options into her life.

Meet the Makers Series

What a privilege being involved in Tourism Chilliwack’s “Meet the Makers Series”!

The Soap Shack

Thanks to The Fraser Valley for the interview & taking the time to get to know us!

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